Creative Cycle Products is dedicated to developing simple, effective solutions to Harley Davidson problems. We specialize in aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Our Harley-Davidson aftermarket parts and accessories are patent pending. Available only from Creative Cycle Products.

The Cure Vent Plus
The Cure Vent Plus©

CCP by Direct Parts has improved the original "Cure". The new Cure Vent Plus© utilizes the same vent extension to prevent oil from escaping the vent chamber and improves on it by adding a check valve. The new Cure Vent Plus© not only reduces or eliminates oil drip from the breathers but it reduces internal engine pressures. The reduced internal engine pressure prevents gasket "blow out", reduces oil consumption and increases power by reducing parasitic loses. The Cure Vent Plus© check valve is constructed of a space age material that is impervious to heat and oil. List price is $69.95   ....Available now.

Fuel Inlet Elbow
Fuel Inlet Elbow
Harley Davidson has used Keihin butterfly and CV type carburetors since approx. 1976. The same injection molded fuel inlet elbow is installed on both types. This elbow breaks easily and is affected by today's fuels. Also, the stock Harley Davidson inlet has a very low flow rate and is restrictive. CCP's fuel inlet elbow is made from brass and flows in excess of 40% more fuel. The elbow's increased flow will easily keep up with the demand of a modified engine. The elbow is designed to be a direct replacement for the OEM item and will not break.

Idle Mixture Screw for both the butterfly and CV Keihin carburetors were developed to allow easy adjustment of the idle mixture and as a direct replacement of the OEM needles
We specialize in aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Our aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for Harley Davidson motorcycle are patent pending. Available only from Creative Cycle Products.
Idle Mixture Screws
Have you ever lost an idle mixture needle from your CV Keihin? The idle screw is not available and is a pain to adjust. Not anymore! The needle is now available and has a knurled knob on the end to make adjusting a snap! CCP had the OEM needle electronically scanned to accurately determine the shape of the tip and modified it slightly to improve it.In testing, Dyno Jet found it had much higher linearity in adjustment of the mixture. No more trying to get a screw driver in a blind hole. Just reach in and turn the knob.

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